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DC School Board Approves Bilingual, Green Charter School

April 29, 2023

The Washington, D.C., Public Charter School Board announced on Earth Day that it supports the creation of a new school, Mundo Verde Bilingual Public Charter School, to teach young children in the nation’s capitol the core principles of sustainability and global stewardship in a multicultural world. Mundo Verde’s charter application was approved by a unanimous vote of the DC Public Charter School Board on Monday night. More than 30 individuals and partners, including environmental and education experts, came together to develop the proposal for the first green-focused elementary school in Washington.

According to founding board member, Kristin Scotchmer, “We are especially thrilled to have received the go-ahead just as people are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, not only here in the nation’s capitol but around the world.”

“Education for Sustainability is an endeavor that serves humanity's efforts to carry forth an ever-advancing civilization. Teaching young people to value, respect, and care for our planet's vast natural resources, human and biological diversity is a responsibility shared by parents, teachers and community members,” said Melinda Salazar, Ph.D., consultant to Mundo Verde.

Mundo Verde’s founders believe that sustainability and bilingualism are essential tools for change, tools that give young people a sense of identity, culture, place and purpose; and prepare them to succeed and take on personal responsibility for tomorrow’s world. The next generation of leaders will need to be fluent and literate not just in one, two or more languages, but also in their capacity to innovate, integrate and build partnerships across and beyond typical dividing lines of national borders, wealth and poverty and resource-scarce and resource-plentiful communities. Mundo Verde will prepare students to engage in the important issues of their time, teaching them relevant problem solving skills in a values-based context. 

The school will not only teach, but also act in accord with its mission and values, operating in an environmentally, socially and financially sustainable manner. Mundo Verde plans to open its doors in August 2011 and will grow to serve more than 400 students in preschool through eighth grade from across the District of Columbia when it reaches full capacity. 

To learn more, contact Sara Elliott or visit Mundo Verde Bilingual Public Charter School on Facebook and join the cause to empower the next generation to protect their world.


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