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Schools Earn Green for Being Green

Prizes Honor Green School Efforts

January 14, 2023

Green Prize in Public Education

The National Environmental Education Foundation, with major support from the NEA Foundation and in partnership with EarthEcho International, will recognize and celebrate an outstanding K-12 public school that has successfully taken on the challenge of becoming a green school.

"What's Your Green Dream School?" Contest

The Green Schools Initiative is sponsoring the "What's Your Green Dream School?" Contest.The organization will select two schools in California where parents, students, and school staff have newly established a Green Team and a compelling "green dream" that they hope to achieve. The winning schools' PTAs will receive a $500 award for the school's Green Team, plus training and support from Green Schools Initiative and a basket of green supplies and services for the school. 

There are two prerequisites for a project to be considered:

  1. It has to be new. Existing projects will not be considered. However, if a previous effort has failed, and a new group of parents seeks to revive it, you will need to mention it in your application and explain why you feel this is the right time to give it another try.
  2. You need to have established a Green Team for the purpose of bringing your green dream to life. Ideally, a Green Team should be composed of a mixture of parents, teachers, students, an administrator, and facilities or custodial staff. Use our tips for starting a Green Team.





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