About GCSNet

The Green Charter Schools Network (GCSNet) is a national nonprofit organization of environment-focused schools, individuals, and partnering organizations. Launched in February 2008 and headquartered in Madison, WI, the GCSNet is governed by a board of directors that is committed to GCSNet’s vision and mission.

OUR VISION is for every person to be environmentally literate and to practice and promote sustainability in their community.

OUR MISSION is to support the establishment, enhancement and advancement of public charter schools with environment-focused educational programs and practices.


  1. Promotes the development of innovative charter schools with environment-focused educational programs and practices, high expectations and equal opportunity for all.
  2. Challenges and inspires everyone to help young people gain the knowledge, skills, insights, power, and motivation to make the world a better place with a sustainable future.
  3. Facilitates networking among educators, students, parents, school leaders, policymakers and others and sharing of information about the environment, green practices, and schooling for sustainability.
  4. Provides professional development, resources and guidance about the successful creation, operation, governance, and accountability of green schools.
  5. Helps to create the capacity for change and encourages innovation, educational options and schooling for sustainability.
  6. Provides leadership in forging and maintaining a sustainable society.


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